Review: Elemental OM Yoga Studio - Lebanon Ohio

August 11, 2014

Here's what yoga shouldn't be: Feng Shui in a strip mall.

Five years ago, i was in search of a place to try Yoga for the very first time. My general criteria was loose. Close-to-home. Accommodating schedule. Hip instructors.

However, me being me...if I was about to experience an ancient art form, then i had to step back into time. I wanted to walk into Zen and feel like I was connected to a sacred space. Just 2 blocks away from my home, I discovered Elemental OM. Founded by Pamela Quinn in 2007, EOM proved to be the perfect place to try yoga and ultimately become "yogis." My vibe checklist was smashed. From the first floor retail space you ascend to the studio area, stepping onto hardwood floors that whisper enlightenment.

Flickering candlelight with the sounds of a downtempo beat set at a perfect pitch.

200-year old exposed brick walls that stare back at you like layers of nirvana.

This immersed experience isn't just an old building with "good bones." Pamela has built Elemental OM and all of its touch points from her Cleanse philosophy. Every aspect of her Yoga studios (there's a Montgomery studio too!) strives to help you reclaim your natural health and find the balance in your life. In fact, she's encapsulated this philosophy into her Cleanse program. A 28-day submersion into correcting the physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances in your life. Unlimited Yoga too! I journeyed through the Cleanse program and can say that the experience was life changing.

Yes, life changing.

Yoga "shops" are popping up everywhere. If you are in search of an authentic studio, look up Elemental OM.

You will find that life is just a sequence of moments